OLL Vision
OLL Vision


Why: Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Parish

Why Create a Strategic Plan?

The purpose of Our Lady of the Lake’s strategic plan is to equip all parishioners to follow Jesus Christ by emulating the perfect discipleship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrating the liturgy prayerfully, receiving compassionate care, connecting with the parish community, living according to the Gospel mission, and sharing the Catholic faith in Holland, on the Lakeshore, and to the ends of the earth.
— Fr. Mike Cilibraise


Making Disciples

When Jesus made us his disciples, he asked us to follow him with our whole lives. This means receiving his grace through the sacraments, growing in knowledge of his teachings, and obeying all of his commands. It also means going out and making more disciples! At Our Lady of the Lake, we envision a parish full of missionary disciples who love the Lord with all of their hearts, souls, and minds. As a parish, we will rise to the challenge of sharing the good news, bringing more people into a relationship with the Triune God and teaching them to love, serve, and obey him.


Being Witnesses

Jesus Christ came into the world in Our Lady's womb by the power of the Holy Spirit. We can only make Christ present here at Our Lady of the Lake if the Holy Spirit empowers us to be his witnesses in Holland, on the Lakeshore, and to the ends of the earth. We pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to know Christ, kindle in our hearts a love for God and neighbor, and give us the boldness to proclaim the Gospel through our whole lives, wherever we go.


One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic

We envision being a parish that fully lives out the four marks of the Church. We declare the Church's oneness when we show solidarity with her members throughout the world, as well as when we draw our community's diversity together into an organic unity. We express the Church's holiness when we commit ourselves to prayer and the Works of Mercy through the intercession of Our Lady and all the saints. We embrace the Church's catholicity by cherishing her entire mission, all of her teachings, and her whole people. And we live out the apostolic faith when we preach the Gospel entrusted to the Apostles and faithfully follow their successors, our bishop and pastor.


Integrated Catholic Life

We envision an integrated Catholic life for all our members, centered around the parish. We will strive to create an environment in which every parishioner is supported, enriched, and encouraged in their heart, mind, soul, and body, from womb to tomb, so we grow together in commitment to the Lord, the Church, and our parish. We see the parish as the hub of our Catholic community, the go-to spot for faith, friendship, and fun. We will recognize and embrace the different cultures represented in our parish. Additionally, we will further integrate Our Lady of the Lake with Corpus Christi Catholic School, which we see as the "east campus" of our parish. By strengthening our parish community, we will equip each member to go out and spread the Gospel wherever they go.