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Community Life

Uniting as One Body

There is one God in three persons—a community of perfect unity in diversity. We are all created in God’s image, and that means we all need community. As Catholics, the local parish is our primary community within the universal Church. While there are many different members of our parish, Jesus unites us as one Body as we strive to love and serve him and each other. The Community Life Department exists to further enrich this fellowship that we share, drawing together parishioners from all walks of life in Christ-centered friendships. Our vision includes the RNCC initiative, Community Life Guilds, additional opportunities for community prayer, and improved registration.

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The RNCC Initiative

The Community Life Department is implementing the RNCC initiative to ensure that Our Lady of the Lake serves and engages all of our parishioners. From a person’s first contact with the parish, we will welcome them, anticipate their needs, keep them in the loop, and connect them with their fellow parishioners. We aim to be a parishioner-oriented parish. We will strive for continual improvement in the areas of registrations, media, welcoming, and more.


Community Life Guilds

Is there a group you have always wanted to start at Our Lady of the Lake? Do you yearn for meaningful relationships in our parish? Is there an activity, prayer, devotion, or cause that you want to share with others? Now is your chance!

A “guild” is a group of people with similar interests. In the history of the Church, many guilds were like a cross between a prayer society, a support group, and a social club. At Our Lady of the Lake, we envision Community Life Guilds as social groups that draw parishioners and their guests together around faith, fellowship, and fun. There are already a number of groups like this at our parish, and we want to equip parishioners to start more! Contact us if you have an idea for a guild.


Improved Registration

What if there was a quick and easy way to register for parish events and get information about what’s going on at the parish? There is! The Community Life Department is working to implement and continually improve an online registration process for classes at the parish. Our goal is to make registration and connection simple and seamless at our parish.

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