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OLL Vision

Parish Care

Parish Care at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church


Parish Care

Loving the Whole Person

Every person has a body, a mind, and a soul, and Our Lady of the Lake must provide loving attention to all three for each parishioner. We also acknowledge that it is especially important to lend a helping hand during challenging times in life. The Parish Care Department currently administers several programs to fulfill this vision for parish care, and more are on the way. We will strive to support our parishioners' bodies, minds, and souls.


Visitation Ministry

There are many times when a faithful parishioner is not able to attend Masses for reasons related to health and mobility. Visitation ministers at Our Lady of the Lake are trained to listen and to lead prayers. They work with homebound parishioners to create a plan for their spiritual care, whether they live in their own private house, a nursing home, or another care facility. A connection between the parish and parishioner, including sharing in Holy Communion, is maintained in this way, even and especially when the health of the parishioner makes travel to the parish grounds difficult.


Parish Nurse

Our parish nurse serves as a liaison between parishioners, heath care professionals, and ministers. She coordinates a number of ministries that focus on the physical and emotional wellbeing of the parish. These ministries include blood drives, education and advocacy, referrals, and consultation. Also notable is the parish’s sizable (and growing!) collection of healthcare equipment that is available for rental.


Recovery Ministry

One of the signs of the times is the way that addiction marks the lives of people and families. It takes on many forms, including alcohol, drugs, prescription pain killers, technology, and pornography.The Parish Care Department is called to accompany and inspire people living with addictions on their journey to freedom. Our Lady of the Lake seeks to be a center for people striving to be free of addiction as both a meeting place for recovery groups and as a provider of spiritual support for the addicted.


BeFriender Ministry

The loss of a loved one is one of the greatest emotional and spiritual trials in anyone’s life. The Parish Care Department accompanies the bereaved by praying for and with them. The good news of our Savior gives our lives hope, and that hope is lived out in the life of the parish by ministers who accompany the grieving. In the future, this will be accomplished through the BeFriender Ministry.


Landings Program

Many people who were raised Catholic drift away from regular participation in the parish later in life. Our Lady of the Lake is committed to accompanying people in their faith journeys as they discern renewed life in the Church. To that end, the Parish Care Department has an initiative called Landings. This is a program in which people who are looking for a spiritual home get together as a group and encounter mentoring, community life, and guidance through active listening.

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