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OLL Vision

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?: Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Parish

No More Business as Usual

It’s time to get back to basics, to recommit ourselves to Christ and his Church. It’s time to get serious about holiness, about knowing our faith, worshiping God, serving those in need, and following the example of our Lord’s most perfect disciple: our Lady. It’s time to come together as the Body of Christ to support every member of this parish as we reorient our lives around the Gospel mission. And it’s time to call upon the Holy Spirit and to proclaim the Catholic faith in Holland, on the Lakeshore, and to the ends of the earth.

That’s why it won’t be business as usual anymore at Our Lady of the Lake. That’s why you’re seeing so many new programs and initiatives. And that’s why we’re calling on each and every one of our parishioners to get involved in ministries, social guilds, and catechetical programs. God is calling all of us to know, love, and serve him and his people, and this parish needs your commitment in order to worship God, care for the poor, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ!

What Comes Next?

Each of the new ministry departments at Our Lady of the Lake is implementing initiatives designed to equip all parishioner to follow Jesus Christ by emulating the perfect discipleship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrating the liturgy prayerfully, receiving compassionate care, connecting with the parish community, living according to the Gospel mission, and sharing the Catholic faith in Holland, on the Lakeshore, and to the ends of the earth.

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Following Our Lord with Our Lady

Music and Liturgy

Opening Our Hearts to God

Parish Care

Loving the Whole Person

Community Life

Uniting as One Body



Extending God's Kingdom