OLL Vision
OLL Vision


Where: Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Parish


Where Have We Been?

A year ago, Fr. Mike and other parish leaders initiated a strategic planning process for Our Lady of the Lake. They quickly realized that new parish structures needed to be created before we could effectively implement practical suggestions from parishioners. Therefore, the planning team started by reassessing the parish's staff and programming. They also cast a vision for the next five years and beyond.


Where Are We Now?

The end result of the strategic planning process is a vision for the parish based on the Great Commission, Christ's words at his Ascension, and the Nicene Creed. We have also reorganized the parish's staff and programming into five departments that represent critical elements of this vision: Discipleship, Music and Liturgy, Parish Care, Community Life, and Mission. This structure allows us to focus on what matters most in a holistic, comprehensive way.


Where Are We Going?

With Our Lady of the Lake's comprehensive vision and structural changes now in place, we are ready to receive and act on feedback and ideas from all members. In addition, each ministry department has a number of initiatives they have already begun implementing. As we go forward, we will be guided by our vision and strive to live more fully in the light of Christ in the context of our parish community.